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Musings of a Psych Mind

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4 January
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1337 sh17, 1984, 3do, afterparties, angel sanctuary, anime, ankhs, anne rice, arcade games, badtz maru, bats, bella lugosi, biting, black lace, black lipstick, blood, boba tea, bondage, boots, boys in makeup, brom, caskets, clavia, cloaks, club kids, corsets, cyber, dark city, darkwave, deathrock, decaying urban areas, demolished buildings, digi cams, discovering lost places, distortion, dreamcast, ebm, egypt, equilibrium, evil experiments, experimental, eyes, falls, fangs, fantasy movies, fetish, fresh spring breeze, funky hair, gadgets, gameboy color, gameboy sp advance, gamecube, gaslamp fantasy, gears, glam, gloomcookie, glowsticks, goggles, goth, gothic lolita, graveyards, green, gutter punk, hair extensions, hidden creeks, honest people, horror movies, hp lovecraft, hr giger, hunks of metal, industrial, industrial age science fiction, industrial fantasy, industrial zones, j-rock, japan, jhonen vasquez, keyboards, keys, kitsune boys, knobs, korg, lavender, legend, lestat, machines, mad max, makeup, manga, mecha, mechanisms, mixed drinks, model (the manga), neko girls, nintendo 64, noize, nord, nosferatu, not wearing shoes, nurses, occult studies, paranoia (the game), parisols, petticoats, phermones, pocky, postapocolypse, princess ai, psychosis, pullies, punk chix, ramune, random body parts, raving, ripped fishnets, rivet, roland, role playing games, roman dirge, rubber, rum, sampling, scars, serena valentino, shiny things, showers, shutterbox, silent films, silver, spikes, springs, steampunk, style, super nintendo, sushi, synths, syringes, tomboys, touring, treehouses, triton, vampires, victorian science fiction, victorian tech, video games, visual kei, voyages extraordinaires